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domain security file to grant/deny access to column level


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i have the following domain security file (Column level access only). i m able to upload it to my domain. however, when i login with any user with the external role "CRYSTAL_REPORTING" and try to opn a report i got the below errors:

"The report contains one or more items that are not in the source data. . You must edit the Ad Hoc View that was used to create this report, and re-save the report."

PLease note that the report is dependent on a AdHoc view.and the item "TaskName" is granted so i expext to see this item only in my report. any advise will be very helpful.


    <itemGroupAccessGrantList id="restrict_request_item_group_Requests" label="aLabel"
      itemGroupId="request" defaultAccess="denied">
        <!-- Column level for managers and admin -->
        <itemGroupAccessGrant id="request_item_group_access_grant_10" access="granted">
          <principalExpression>authentication.getPrincipal().getRoles().any { it.getRoleName() in ['ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR'] }
        <!-- Column level for sales reps -->
        <itemGroupAccessGrant id="request_item_group_access_grant_20" 
            <principalExpression>authentication.getPrincipal().getRoles().any {it.getRoleName() in ['CRYSTAL_REPORTING'] }</principalExpression>
          <itemAccessGrantList id="request_grant2_item_group_items" defaultAccess="denied">
                  <itemAccessGrant id="request_grant2_items_grant2" itemId="TaskName" access="granted" />






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