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changes to subreport aren't reflected to parent report


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hi all,

I'm having trouble overriding sub-reports via jasper studio. I have a report (lets call it parent report) with 5 sub-reports. each of them, was added using an existing report.

problem I'm having is, any changes made to the sub-reports (at the root dir and/or under parent report dir) aren't reflected to the parent report.

tried, re-adding sub-report component via UI (therefore regenerate jrxml file under parent report dir), clearing pre-edited  jrxml files from parent report dir and the jasper server (to be sure)

all attempts were accompanied by  saving, compiling and publishing to the server the reports (sub and parent)

any help would be appreciated,

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A master report usually picks up compiled subreports (*.jasper files). Try recompiling each modified subreport. You could do that:

  • either manually
  • or by selecting Project > Build Automatically in the Jaspersoft Studio's menu. In this case you shoud also perform a Project > Clean operation to make sure everything gets recompiled
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