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How do I get the total page number variable?


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Hi Yinfeng,

You can't directly "get" the value of the total page number.

I guess you are trying to use the total page number as a Print When condition? If that's the case, there's a imperfect workaround...

BTW I have created a QQ group for Chinese Jasper developers, join 871048119 if you are intrested.

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Hi riodavid,

Thank you for your answer.

you are right,this problem has been bothering me for few days.

We have a requirement, Print some different marks on the last page of each group or report.

I need to get to know whether current page is the last page or not.

I think it should be got via variable. But it's really hard.

I have joined the group you created.

I expect someone can help me, find a solution.

Thanks again.



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