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out of memory

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By: C. Richard Jamieson - rykk

out of memory

2004-03-16 10:02

I am using 5.2

I have a very simple report that compiles with no errors and 1 warning.


Warning?:?Element?bottom?reaches?outside?band?area?:?y=0?height=1?band-height=0 Compilation running time : 1219


The report has no subreports - nothing fancy.

The report has only 7 fields that are from the database.

A simple select that returns 1 record.


select * from passportexport1

where Page_break = 'Page 1'

and Employee_ID = $P{EMPID}

order by Line_Sequence


This report had the same warning and worked fine until I changed the page size to 5" by 3" and

arranged the fields within the new size.


Now when I attempt to run the report from a java program

it dies with an out of memory error while the report is doing the fillReport.


try {


fs = (InputStream)(startup.class.getResourceAsStream(reportFile));

System.out.println("load report");

JasperReport template = JasperManager.loadReport(fs);

HashMap mapa = new HashMap();

System.out.println("fill report");

report = JasperManager.fillReport(template, controlHash, reportConnection);


catch (Exception jEX) {




Standard Output



load report

fill report



I will send the XML file if it will help.

I have been unable to resolve the problem.


EMail: jreports@wim.ca

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