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using multiple result set

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By: JAmol - jamol

using multiple result set

2005-11-01 22:16

hello ,

We are creating reports with jasper APIs .

We are able to do this with single ResultSet using some useful function like

>> compileReport(jdesign);

>> fillReport(jasperReport, map, new JRResultSetDataSource(rs1)).


Now the requirement is that ,

we are getting multiple ResultSet , each of same

structure using --> Statement.getMoreResults().


Something like each result set is dealing with a customer and its many details .

Previously we were grouping on customer .

now for reason we are thinking of single rs for a customer's detail.


Is is possible in jasper ??

if it is how can we do that ??




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Top Posters In This Topic

I created a Jasper Report extensions for retrieving all information sets of a multi-result set stored procedure, cache the result and make it possible to retrieve any result set by index. The solution is as is, unsupported with no liability for whatever outcome of using it, but it might serve as a starting point for someone. The jar contains source as well as class files.


The solution, including source packaged into the jar, is now available from the link


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