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Convert Crystal report formula to jasper expression


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Hi Dear,

I'm in the process of moving Crystal reports to Jasper soft Studio .I have below formular  in one of my  crystal reports . What it does . Read a string having "|" marks and split the string to sperate strings after the  "|" mark .  And a carriage return after the "|" -  (CHAR(13))

Input string is like  XXX|YYYY|AAA|BBBB






would anyone can help me to convert below formula to Jasper expression .

local stringvar array arr:=Split({Command.LineHsCodes},'|');
local stringvar result:="";
local numbervar start;

if Int(count(arr)) > 0 then
  for start:=1 to Int(count(arr)) Do
     result:=result + arr[start] + CHR(13);   





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