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How to log into visualize.js when token authentication is only permitted through the headers?


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I have enabled token authentication on my server (6.2.1) and only want to permit the token to be passed through the headers NOT URL.  How do I then login to visualize.js?  Since the auth object of visualize.js seems to pass the auth object token property to the URL.  

visualize({    server: window.location.origin + '/jasperserver-pro',    auth: {        token: token,        preAuth: true,        tokenName: "pp"    }}[/code]

The above doesn't work.  There is a headers property in the documentation but the syntax isn't clear I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.



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To pass token in request header , you have to use loginFn of visualize.js:

            auth: {
                    preAuth: true,
                        return request({
                            url:<URL of jasper report server>,


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