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How to read a certain json information{in this case the only the Player Function} in a custom variable?


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How to read the following json file, The problem is I can't load it properly.

{ This following Json file has : 1.· An array of objects ("player") and two other object ("day", "place") }

======== json_Sample ============

{ "day" : "2014/7/25",

"place" : "Tokyo",

"player" : [

{ "name" : "Yamada", "id" : "1", "age" : "20" },

{ "name" : "Tanaka", "id" : "2", "age" : "19" },

{ "name" : "Kato", "id" : "3", "age" : "22" } ] }


I want to read all the data in the json file, But when i try to read them as following.
Reading "day" and "place" as Field, 
"player" with subDataset

I am able to read that the Field data"day","place"
 But can't able to read the subDataset "player"
 as the data was empty.


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