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Force report to compile on Java 7


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I'm working with Jasper Studio 6.6.0 in eclipse, and i'm compiling the report fine.  But when I attempt to fill the report in my companies project, i'm getting an Unsupported Version Exception 52.0.  This makes sense since the report looks to be compiled on 1.8 but my company project requires 1.7.

I've done everything I can think of to get the report to compile on 1.7, but I continue to get the unsupported exception.

Any help on this would be appreciated, so far I've confirmed:

- 1.8 is installed for eclipes

- 1.7 is installed and workspace default

- Project is configured for 1.7 library



ps. Unable to install anything less than 6.5.1 due to missing dependancies in eclipse.  After instlling 6.5.1 I'm able to compile and run my test cases successfully one java 1.7.  This can probably be closed.

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