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Handling oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP in JasperReports Server?


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I am currently evaluating JasperReports Server for upgrading our existing JasperReports module in an existing governemental managmenet software ecosystem. So far we have generated all reports through a custom (in-house development) reporting server and we would like to move some functionality away from reports and towards interactive dashboards. In order to do so we need to be able to re-use our existing reports (500+). We mainly use Oracle 12 databases. When working with timestamp data values it is necessary to use the oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP class / data type which is defined in the oracle jdbc driver jar. While using our custom reporting servlet I have never had any trouble using this data type, but with JRS I keep getting exceptions when running such a report:

java.lang.ClassCastException: oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP cannot be cast to oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP

It sounds to me like a driver version issue, but there is only one version of the jdbc driver installed and if I remove it I get a corresponding error message, so that should be fine.

Any pointers?

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 We are a group of OSBI consulatning professionals and a Jaspersoft integration partner. If you need any kind of consulting service related to open source BI and ETL we can help you as we have already done some works on custom coding and drilled down multiple reporting on Jaspersoft. 

For any further query you can contact me at: kaushik@helicaltech.com


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