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need advice on table border

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By: David Lim - aberrant80

need advice on table border

2004-03-14 19:16

hi all,


By default, my tables would need borders. Table headers need to be wrapped in a rectangle while each table column body also needs to be inside a rectangle.


The table header should be no problem; it's just having an elementGroup containing a static text and a rectangle... correct?


But what about the table column body? Each table column field will have left and right borders. But the last line of the table would also need a bottom border. And probably, the first line needs a top border too.


The only solution I could think of was to use 4 line elements, with the top and bottom using a printWhenExpression (what exactly this should be, I have no idea yet). I somehow think this solution may be costly in terms of efficiency, because there'd a whole of lot of evaluations for large tables.


Anyone with a better idea? Please do suggest it. Any help appreciated. Thanks.





By: Manish Hatwalne - manish_hatwalne

RE: need advice on table border

2004-03-15 02:48

Overlapping rectangles might be useful, that way your second row top will share its top line with first row bottom. It loks like a better solution as compared to lines, as lines also are actaully diagonals of rectangle.



- Manish





By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: need advice on table border

2004-03-15 05:06

If your detail section uses two vertical lines (left and right border), then you could easily use a Group header (or column, or page) as your top line and a Group footer (or column, or page) as your bottom line.


Let the engine work for you, not against you.





By: David Lim - aberrant80

RE: need advice on table border

2004-03-15 18:41

So one line at bottom of column header, one line at top of column footer, 1 line each at the sides of each detail text field. Got it. Thanks!


So the lines need width=0 for vertical, height=0 for horizontal and width/height to be one more than the element width/height due to the way it's rendered?

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