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Printing in landscape mode


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Hi Team,


I am designing a report for which I need output to pdf and sometime send to printer.

i have designed the report in Landscape mode. Now when the output is PDF I am getting the pdf in landscape mode but when I send the report to printer it is printed in Potrait mode with some of the details cut due to width issues of the potrait page.

I am using .net code to sen report to printer.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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All my reports are setup the way I mentioned on my last comment.  So, when I run the report, the PDF document generated is in Landscape mode and when I print it, it still prints in Landscape mode.  I am not sure how it works if you print if from .Net code, maybe the settings in jasper are getting overwritten (not 100% sure).

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Same exact thing happening here... not using .net at all, just Jasper Studio (6.17.0).

PDF Export is perfect, but print (to PDF or printer) is screwed to portrait mode and if I set the printer to landscape the same wrong result is just rotated.

Luckily I can first render to PDF and then print. For the rest, landscape print is totally broken here...



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