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Jasper Domain - SQL Function Doesn't Work in Calculated Fields


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Here it says: https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/sql-functions-0

    You may use SQL functions in a DomEL expression, but only in limited circumstances:    •     The functions must be supported by the database. See the vendor documentation for available functions and their syntax.    •     The functions must follow the convention of comma-separated parameters. For example, you can use TRIM(person.name), but not TRIM('Jr' FROM person.name)    •     The type of the return values must be appropriate, either within the expression or for the type of the calculated field.    •     The SQL context must be appropriate for the functions. For example, you cannot use aggregation functions such as COUNT in a calculated field because there is no GROUP BY clause.[/code]

I think a Year() function of SQLServer satisfies above conditions. But when I tried to use the Year() function, I got empty results.

The most strange thing is, the genrated SQL works perfectly in my SQLServer Studio. But it just gave empty results in Ad-Hoc View.

Please check the screenshot: https://postimg.cc/image/3o6oc9wf1/

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