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JasperReports output parameter of url

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We can retrieve reports from JasperReports Server by calling a url like:


My question is what are all the possible values the output parameter can take?

This link (https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jasperreports-server-ultimate-guide/v710/repository-http-api) says:

output (optional) – specifies the output format. Values for this parameter are keys for the report exporters configured in the server. By default, the server recognizes the following output types: pdf for PDF, xls for Excel (Paginated), xlsNoPag for Excel, xlsx for XLSX (Paginated), xlsxNoPag for XLSX, rtf for RTF, csv for CSV and swf for the Flash report viewer. When this parameter is not specified, the default format is HTML displayed in the report viewer.

But I tried output=docx and it also worked.

I'm using version 7.1.0 of the community edition of JasperReports Server.

Can anyone provide a list of all the possible values for the output parameter?


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These export options are available. 


<entry key="pdf" value-ref="pdfExporterConfiguration"/>        <entry key="xls" value-ref="xlsExporterConfiguration"/>        <entry key="xlsNoPag" value-ref="xlsNoPaginationExporterConfiguration"/>        <entry key="csv" value-ref="csvExporterConfiguration"/>        <entry key="docx" value-ref="docxExporterConfiguration"/>        <entry key="rtf" value-ref="rtfExporterConfiguration"/>        <entry key="odt" value-ref="odtExporterConfiguration"/>        <entry key="ods" value-ref="odsExporterConfiguration"/>        <entry key="xlsx" value-ref="xlsxExporterConfiguration"/>        <entry key="xlsxNoPag" value-ref="xlsxNoPaginationExporterConfiguration"/>        <entry key="pptx" value-ref="pptxExporterConfiguration"/>[/code]
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