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Jaspersofte cannot display page number more than 100 pages


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The problem is when i generate the report by using Eclipse IDE finished, the pdf report will display only current page number but total page number not show when it's more than 100 pages. Only show on preview in jaspersoft studio. I use expression for display total page is $V{PAGE_NUMBER} and set evaluation time to be "Report". Can anybody help me. Thank you 

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I found the cause of problem because I use JRSwapFileVirtualizer in java code. The virtualizer will cut the jasper print into different files to avoid out of memory exception and save them on the hard drive and/or compress it, so the total page cannot to calculate because I set maxSize parameter to be 100 pages .

Integer virtualPage = 100;new JRSwapFileVirtualizer(virtualPage, swapFile);[/code]

If you want to read more about virtulizers in JasperReports, you can go to this link: virtualizers-jasperreports

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