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Report URI in Monitoring is null?


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Hello everyone. I recently enabled report monitoring on my JasperServer system, hoping to be able to see how long my reports were running so I could get baseline data. However, after enabling monitoring, I ran into a big problem where the REPORT_URI field is null for every report that was run. Because of this I can see data on my report runs, like time it was run, execution time, and who ran it, but I have no clue which report they ran!! Without the REPORT_URI data, the Report Monitoring feature is essentially useless.

Does anyone know why this field might be null for every report run? How can I fix this? Thanks for your help. 

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This is critically important to my organization. We need the monitoring subsystem to be keeping track of the reports and the report execution times, so that we know how long our reports are taking to execute as we have SLAs to meet and we need to track this information so we know if we are meeting our SLAs or not. 


Why is the REPORT_URI field null for every row in the jireportmonitoringfact table in which event_type = 'runReport'? 

Why is the RESOURCE_URI field null for row in the jiauditevent table in which event_type = 'runReport'?

Does anyone know how we can fix this?



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