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How to Pass field values from main report to sub-report for this example.

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For Example,Having the tables as as shown below.

Table_1 which is of faculty information,

Faculty_ID     Faculty_Name   Father_Name

1155                   Raju                 Ramnath

1166                   Ramu                Somnath

1177                   Anil                   Srinivas

Table_2  work experiance of faculty,

Faculty_ID   Work_Experiance  

1155                     5


1177                     4

So,I want create a report in such a way that as shown below,where if the data not exist it should show me an empty field  

Faculty_ID     Faculty_Name   Father_Name

1155                   Raju                 Ramnath



Faculty_ID     Faculty_Name   Father_Name

1166                   Ramu                Somnath



Faculty_ID     Faculty_Name   Father_Name

1166                   Ramu                Somnath



I had tried by creating the report in such a way that ,I had defined Faculty information in main report and work experiance in sub report.

But,I had got strucked in creation of parameters,I had tried with creating the parameters but the work experiance which is getting repeated to all the faculties if there exist or not.

I am not at all getting how to map the fields from main report to sub report.

Please, help me in creating this report and if the data not exist in sub report it should show me an empty data.

If any help,Thank's in advance.

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Hi Sumit

In Subreport create two parameters as 


In Main Report Do the below steps

1.From main report click on sub report ( Don't open sub report).

2. Right side sub report properties is there in that click on parameters 

3. Click on add Give me the parameter Name as Department ( Same as Sub report Parameter Name).  
    Click on the variable expression ( Right side you will find like editor symbol).  
    click on fields select what ever field you want to pass the above parameter name ( Here You can pass hr_employee_setup_department_id this field). 
4. Same steps for  Employee  

in the place of  Department  pass as Employee    and  in the place of  hr_employee_setup_department_id pass as hr_employee_hr_employee_id
    then click on Apply--> o.k --> o.k


I think right now you will understand.

I think  the below line is wrong in your sub report query

WHERE  hr_employee."setup_department_id" = $P{Department} and    hr_employee."setup_department_id" = $P{Employee} 

both places you are checking setup_department_id for  Employee and Department condition. Change that line like below.

WHERE  hr_employee."setup_department_id" = $P{Department} and    hr_employee."hr_employee_id" = $P{Employee}


Surendra Reddy M

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Hi Surendra,

Thank's for your kind response.

Please,If possible can you explain using an any example it is not clear at the point of variable expression and I am unable to know what are the parameters should pass in main report and sub report. 

For the clear explaination the below are the queries which I am trying to create  a report.Can i have an explaination in what way the parameters should I pass.

THE Below is the Main report query which I am using,

     AD_Column_Identifier('setup_department',hr_employee.setup_department_id,'en_US') AS hr_employee_dept,
     hr_employee."hr_prefix" AS hr_employee_hr_prefix,
     hr_employee."hr_firstname" AS hr_employee_hr_firstname,
     hr_employee."hr_lastname" AS hr_employee_hr_lastname,
     hr_employee."hr_father_name" AS hr_employee_hr_father_name,
     hr_employee."hr_gender" AS hr_employee_hr_gender,
     hr_employee."hr_dob" AS hr_employee_hr_dob,
     hr_employee."hr_age" AS hr_employee_hr_age,
     hr_employee."hr_desig" AS hr_employee_hr_desig,
     hr_employee."hr_email" AS hr_employee_hr_email,
     hr_employee."hr_mobile" AS hr_employee_hr_mobile,
     hr_employee."hr_jntuhid" AS hr_employee_hr_jntuhid,
     hr_employee."hr_doj" AS hr_employee_hr_doj,,
     hr_employee."hr_address" AS hr_employee_hr_address,
     hr_employee."hr_employee_id" AS hr_employee_hr_employee_id,

    hr_employee."setup_department_id" AS hr_employee_setup_department_id

     "public"."hr_employee" hr_employee


THE Below is the Sub report query which I am using,

    hr_define_publctn."hr_type_publictn" AS hr_define_publctn_hr_type_publictn,
     hr_define_publctn."hr_title" AS hr_define_publctn_hr_title,
     hr_define_publctn."hr_journal_conf" AS hr_define_publctn_hr_journal_conf,
     hr_define_publctn."hr_publication" AS hr_define_publctn_hr_publication,
     hr_define_publctn."hr_employee_id" AS hr_define_publctn_hr_employee_id,
     hr_employee."hr_employee_id" AS hr_employee_hr_employee_id,
     hr_employee."setup_department_id" AS hr_employee_setup_department_id
     "public"."hr_employee" hr_employee INNER JOIN "public"."hr_define_publctn" hr_define_publctn ON hr_employee."hr_employee_id" = hr_define_publctn."hr_employee_id"

WHERE  hr_employee."setup_department_id" = $P{Department} and    hr_employee."setup_department_id" = $P{Employee}

Thank's in advance.



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Thank's a lot for your kind responce.

1.For the parameters in subreport what are the value expression should I define.

2.I had tried in what way you had guided me but I didn't get what the result I had expected.

3.Please,If you dont mind does can i have any direct interaction with you where i can resolve my Issues much faster and better whith these issues.I am struggling since last 2 weeks.Hope to hear a good responce from you.

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