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How to run the samples?

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By: baointoo - baointoo

How to run the samples?

2004-03-01 04:08



I'm new using jasperreports.When I compile build.xml with ant,javac does not compile any files.




Buildfile: build.xml





Total time: 2 seconds


How can I solve the problem?


Thanks a lot!





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: How to run the samples?

2004-03-01 11:58




If you simply launch "ant", it will execute the default

target inside the build.xml file, which in this case is


The "javac" target compiles the Java source file

representing the small sample application.

But since this is already compiled in the distribution

and you did not modified it, there is no point on

recompiling it so the task does nothing.


If you want to start from scratch, launch "ant clean"

to remove all the generated files.

You could regenerate them and test everything if

you read the comments inside the build.xml file.


I hope this helps.







By: bgiriraj - bgiriraj

How to run the samples?

2004-03-08 13:46



I am trying to run the sample , please can some one help me in the steps involved.



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