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Major error :ReturnedValuesMap corrupted

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By: Iain Bisset - iainbisset

Major error :ReturnedValuesMap corrupted

2005-10-28 04:19



I have a bizarre, yet MAJOR problem.


I have a master report with 5 subreports. In the summary section of the master report, I want to display the grand total of the values from the whole report.


In the summary section of a subreport, I use the $P{ReturnedValuesMap} mechanism explained in the FAQ and add to the "GRAND_TOTAL each time.


Seemed to be working OK until today when it mysteriously added the last value twice ! Not funny when dealing with millions of dollars.


Bizarrely enough, if I increase the size of the summary section band from height=11 to height=12, then it works !:


subreport band summary section height=11 - wrong Grand Total in master summary section


subreport band summary section heght=12 - correct grand total in master summary section.


Is this a threading issue or a page size/ band size variable issue?


Any help would be great as I've spent 4 days looking at this already.










By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: Major error :ReturnedValuesMap corrupted

2005-10-28 07:35



What version are you using?


If it's >= 1.0.0, try using "returnValue" elements, it should work better than ad-hoc solutions.


Otherwise, send the (simplified) report designs to lucian at jaspersoft com so that we can replicate the issue.




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