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reduce pdf file size in batchexport

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By: saber_tooth - saber_tooth

reduce pdf file size in batchexport

2005-10-27 04:29

Hi All,


I have problem with the big file size of the created pdf's. In the masterreport there are only max. 2 small images. Two of them are thumbmails with a tiny size. In the masterreport is one subreport(subreport with 2 images).

The only special function i use, is the jasper batchexport.

For example I get 17 pages then the pdf file size is 1.76 MB.

If i remove the images the size is 306 KB, which is ok.

But i need the images . So is there any option to reduce the size by decrease the dpi/resolution of the pdf? Or is the batchexport the problem of the big size?








By: Christoph J䧥r - cjae

RE: reduce pdf file size in batchexport

2005-10-28 00:12



I found that replacing GIF images with SVG vector graphics greatly reduces the PDF file size (and also print job size). But this only works for images, which can easily be converted to a vector graphic (like a diagram or logo created with a vector drawing program, this technique will not work for photographs).


Including a SVG file is a bit tricky, but I think I found a good explanation on this list (if you have problems finding it, let me know, and I will try to find it again or post my own approach).


Best Regards,


Christoph J䧥r

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