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Printer Codes (Embedding / Sending As Param)

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By: CaptnTony - captntony

Printer Codes (Embedding / Sending As Param)

2005-10-24 09:17

Has anyone tried this yet, and does it work?


I have an invoice that must be printed with the final sheet of paper coming from a non-default tray (it is the remit slip with perf'd bottom) so I'd like my summary report (a subreport of the master) to 'know' which tray to take the paper from.


I know the codes and all, I'm just wondering if it is possible to embed the codes into a JasperReport somehow. Would be nice if I could send them in as a parameter so the report could move to one of our backup printers if necessary.


Thanks in advance.







By: Christoph J䧥r - cjae

RE: Printer Codes (Embedding / Sending As Par

2005-10-27 23:58

I would also be very much interested in a solution to this problem. We have a similar issue, only we want the first page on different paper (preprinted with company logo). In this special case, we were lucky, because the printer driver allows a setting like "print first page from different tray" (in the Windows printer driver settings on the server, has nothing to do with printing from Java), but this is of course very printer driver specific, a more general solution would be nice.

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