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can not load compiled scriptlets at runtime

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By: Olaf Krause - housekatze

can not load compiled scriptlets at runtime

2005-10-25 04:54



We use Jasperreports in our webapp (Servlet) Application.

We compile report.jrxml at runtime and the reportScriptlet.java at runtime.

Compiling sources is okay,cause we set the classpath to the outer directory.

Now we want to fill the report with the JRFiller.fillReport method. Deep in that it will invoke the JRClassLoader.loadClassForName(scriptletClassName).


This method throws ClassNotFound Exception caused by trying the JRClassLoader to load the imported classes in our Scriptlet.java, like JRAbstractScriptlet.


If we copy the .class files from the .jar's to our external directory, so the JRClassLoader finds needed classes.


Is it possible to extend the classpath of the (JR)ClassLoader? Or is there any way to extend the classpath at runtime?


setContextClassloader(ourOwnClassLoader) failes.


Thanks, Olaf

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