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Change the returned value from a text field

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By: Pablo Paggi - larvamdp

Change the returned value from a text field

2004-03-04 11:25

Hi !!!

The text field contains a date, but isn't a java.util.Date (can't use the pattern property), and I have to change the format in the report.


Example: 2001-16-01 to 16-01-2001.

I can convert the type of text field to java.lang.String type. To do this, I defined the type as Object

<field name="date" class="java.lang.Object"/>

and use the method



Can I insert Java code (more than one sentence) into the xml report file to change the string format? and

Can I use a method from an utility class made by me to solve the problem?

If this is possible, please give me an example.

Tks !!!!








By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: Change the returned value from a text field

2004-03-04 12:44

To use your own utility class, simply use it's fully qualified name (my.utility.class.Utilities.convertDate()). Make sure that the class is in the classpath that JasperReports will be using.


If you think you are going to need some more complex Java, use a Scriptlet (see samples). Scriptlets are relatively easy to use and can move complex Java statements out of the report design making the XML easier to use.





By: Pablo Paggi - larvamdp

RE: Change the returned value from a text field

2004-03-05 10:10

Both solutions works fine !!!

I'm using the first one for the this particular case, but in a few days, I'll use a scriplet due to the complexity of the next report.

Thanks Chuck !!!



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