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Eclipse RCP - filling report exception

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By: AndreyBond - bondtnt

Eclipse RCP - filling report exception

2005-09-30 03:55

Hi all!

I have very strange error. When I`m trying to print my jasper report from standalone java file everything is Ok (maybe except of 2 warnings from Digester that about disabled log4j). But when I`m trying to execute exactly the same code from the same class from my Eclipse based RichClientPlatform application I have exception

on line :


jasperPrint = JasperFillManager.fillReport(



new JREmptyDataSource());


exception msg is:


Unhandled event loop exception




I`ve traced this error down to

JRCalculator.class ->

init(...) ->







After that point source cannot be attached.


I'm using J2SE5.0 + Eclipse 3.1 and tried JasperReports ver 1.0.2 & 1.0.1 - error remains.


Any clues?





By: Jeroni - jeroni

RE: Eclipse RCP - filling report exception

2005-10-05 08:21

I've got exactly the same, error, and I'm becoming mad. Have you found any way of solving it?





By: Uday - udayms

RE: Eclipse RCP - filling report exception

2005-10-18 02:18


I am also having the same probs. Looked around in the net. This issue has been raised several times in many forums, but none have been answered. if you find a solution, do post it here....







By: Uday - udayms

RE: Eclipse RCP - filling report exception

2005-10-22 12:15


I managed to fix this... with a lot of help from the guys at eclipsezone and a friend of mine. The probs here is actually because eclipse class loader doesnt allow 3rd party classes to load. The solution is :-


1. First create a clone of the the ContextFinder class.

2. Change it to load 3rd party classes (the help for this can be found at eclipsezone.com )

3. Then before filling the report, first load your classloader.

4. Fill the report.

5. Replace your classloader with the original eclipse classloader.


I will be posting a detailed tutorial on this at my blog - udayms.blogspot.com . But, that will take another week. Kind of busy right now..!!!


Hope this helps.....



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