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JavaDocs inside of Jaspersoft Studio


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We got a lot of self written code for labels, textfields, helperclasses, dto's, etc.. which are all used in our Reports.
We also have some JavaDocs comments to make clear what classes / methods do and what they are for.
I would like to know, if its possible to somehow get a reference window to the JavaDoc inside of Jaspersoft Studio, like you get in eclipse.

Example for a Field used inside our Reports:
This will display the current date and time formatted to a standard date / time format (short, medium, long, etc).



Inside of Eclipse, you can see the JavaDocs and if you hover over the method you will get a seperate JavaDoc window in which the full JavaDoc is displayed:


We would like to have our JavaDoc comments inside of Jaspersoft Studio for customers which want to use our classes to generate reports.
The only way to use the JavaDoc right now would be to export the entire JavaDoc from Eclipse to html.
This however is not ideal, since the customer would have to search for syntax, methods, classes on the html site.
Another nice to have would be code completion, like in eclipse pressing STRG + Space will give you an extra window containing all possible methods to use with the given class.

Is anything mentioned above possible inside of Jaspersoft Studio?
A seperate window like in Eclipse where you can say - Window, View, Javadoc would also be fine.

Thank you for reading and answering.

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