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Printing values only on the last page footer

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By: aieiebrasov - aieiebrasov

Printing values only on the last page footer

2005-10-20 09:02


How do I print something on last page footer but not on all page footers?

I read about the similar (but complementar) problem in this forum "Manage PAGE_NUMBER" of the 2005-06-13: the c-box solution is very interesting, but I need more details to make it work on my report. It seems that my IsLastPage does not change its value on the last page footer.

Thank you in advance







By: David Heffelfinger - heffel

RE: Printing values only on the last page foo

2005-10-20 12:19

The way to achieve this is by placing the report content you want on the last page footer inside the <lastPageFooter> tag in your JRXML. Note that the contents of <lastPageFooter> tag will replace the contents of the <pageFooter> tag on the last page.


Also, if your report has only one page, you will get the <lastPagefooter> on the first (and only) page.





By: aieiebrasov - aieiebrasov

RE: Printing values only on the last page footer

2005-10-21 00:15

My pageFooter and my lastPageFooter contain the same elements (labels and values). I would know if there is a solution for:

to view labels on all page footers;

to view values only on the last page footer;

The solution that you suggested me forces me to duplicate labels because I need to define a "normal" page footer with only labels and a "final" page footer with same labels and values.

I think this will complicate my report design.

Thanks in advance for your attention








By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Printing values only on the last page foo

2005-10-21 04:41



as I remember right it was something with an invisible element and a variable...

Perhaps (!! --> not tried just an idea again) it could work the following to not double you lables in normal page-footer and lastpage-footer:

create a variable $V{MyLastPageNumber} with evaluation time REPORT and as expression $V{PAGE_NUMBER} ....IMHO it should contain the highest page number at the end of the report.

in your printwhenexpression of your fields within the pagefooter you use this: new Boolean($V{MyLastPageNumber}.equals($P{PAGE_NUMBER}))


As I said... not tried... but COULD work.... otherwise the only way I could imagine would be to use both bands.... page-footer AND last-pagefooter.


just try and post if it works



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