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Exporting A4 to PDF scales automatically


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I'm having a problem with generating PDF files in Jaspersoft Studio. When I create a report using the built in A4 format (595x842 px) and export it as PDF, my report is scaled down to 96% when printing it.

Is there anything I can do in order to export my report in a size or ratio that most PDF readers accept as the correct size? Due to the nature of my report and the paper it will be printed on, it is important that the report is printed in full 100% scale by default, or in a ratio that PDF readers recognize as A4 without the need to scale.

I have tried printing the PDF through Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. The latter is the only PDF reader that even lets me specify what scale I would like to print in. For my use case however, it is necessary that the client that prints the PDF does not need to specify or change any scaling settings.

All answers are appreciated.

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