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2 subreports splitting. B subreport should start on the same page as A subreport.


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Hi everybody,

I need your help. I am new to Jasper and can't find a way to fix my problem. I tried googling and went throught jasper community but still havent found any solutions.


I have 2 subreports in detail band and they are printed one on another. Problem is when it comes to spliting them into new page. First subreport should always be printed whole in same page so I set split to prevent. First subreport alway contains no more that 3-5 lines. Second one should be splitted since it can have from 1 to 90 lines and may take more than one page. So I set split to strech. Now I get a problem that some times  seconds' subreport first few lines are printed in first page since it takes less space than first subreport and I need to fix it that way that second subreport would start only when first one is printed. 

Please help me with this one.

Many thanks.



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