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Discrepancy Between Saved and Emailed Reports


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Jasper n00b here... 

We've got some reports that run weekly. They both save a copy of the report to a specified folder in the repository, as well as email a copy of the report to specified users. 

We're finding that at times, there are discrepancies between these two reports. Obviously, there should not be. Same report. Same input params. Same scheduled job. 

Not something that I can easily reproduce, as it's intermittent (as with all fun troubleshooting tasks). And lacking familiarity with Jasper in general, not even sure where to begin looking. 

I apologize in advance for the vague/general question, but if anybody has any insights into where I might even begin to start looking, it'd be greatly appreciated.

EDIT to add: have had a couple of occasions now where the emailed copy of the report is blank. The saved copy is fine. Thoughts??


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