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Switching Data Source based on value selected from Input control ?


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i need to select different database connection to process report based on input control value which is selected by user, may be this can be done by creating custom java bean datasource.

but as far as i did not get any proper stuff or tuto to achieve this.can any one help me to resolve this ?

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Do you want to have different users use different data sources for the same report?  So the data source is based on the user? You can use attributes for this, and set the data source to be used by role or organization (for example).  


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thanks for the reply elizam !

but i want to resolve this using customer data source, like there will be bean data source in the server and implementation..so i need some idea on this to implement bean code which takes username as param and returns a related connection as result to jasper server.

requirement is : there will be input control to select the tenant name, based on tenant name datasource should be switched and get the data from relevant database,show it on report.

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