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Hi! I am looking for any advice or help on installing and setting up the Jasper Suite (community) of products with MySQL. Mostly looking forward to embedding the reports, within our custom ERP we are developing. I have intermediate knowledge (more on the report generating side of JasperSoft, and coding). I have never installed it on my own, and reading the documentation just makes me ask more questions and feel very overwhelmed. 

I am finding this solution for a small growing business, it seems like Jasper. if implemented correctly, will add so much value to our company. Now I just need to find out how to! 

Please lend any advice on how you started with Jasper, which products you installed and find useful. A plus if anyone is near the Cleveland, OH area that I could work with. 



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Hi Hallie,

In order to answer your question, some more information is needed. 

  • are you using any database currently for the ERP system that you are developing ? If yes, then it would be super awesome. otherwise you need to extract the information from your ERP using ETL tools and process it for generating reports. This is where Jaspersoft ETL comes into picture
  • Jasper server community installation is pretty simple and can be done with an
  • if this a consulting opportunity, please let me know I can provide some references
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Yes - I am using a MySQL database , hosted by siteground. And Yes, a consulting opportunity. I am in a time crunch, and I believe consulting would be the most effeciant way, to get this up and running ASAP. 

Also, the link the PDF isn't loading

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Integration : Jaspersoft provides 4 different methods of integrations i.e. iframe, webservices, jasper libraries and visualize.js.

Since you want to use community edition except visualize.js all the other methods can be used for integration.


I am founder of Helicaltech and our company specializes in open source DW ETL & BI technologies which includes Jaspersoft. We are their system integration partner also for Asia Pacific region.

We will help you out. please reach out to me on nikhilesh (at) helicatech (dot) com

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