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visualize.js authentication with multiple reports open

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We are running a basic web display of some reports leveraging visualize.js.  I have noticed that if the browser has more than one report open (simultaneously in another tab for example), the older report (in terms of being opened chronologically first) page fails to properly refresh.  Console error shows the following:

09:45:09.641 [bi/report/Report] [visualize.js:50] [ERROR] - resource.not.found : Resource e58f2f78-b473-434b-bcb2-3ac32f2d55dc not found.

The code being used to auto refresh the report is the following:

setInterval(function(){                   report                .refresh()                .done(function(){console.log("Report Refreshed!");})                .fail(function(){console.log("Report Refresh Failed!");});                }, 300000);[/code]

Any idea on why having multiple reports opened would cause the refresh to fail? 

All of the tabs opened for a user session are using the same credentials, so I know it's not an issue of conflicting logins.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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