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How to Auto-resize font size to fit text box width?


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Is there any chance to have a function scaling a text to fit in a TexField even if the text is too long or the TextField is too small?

I have to replace all reports with Papyrus, which allowed the replacement. The new reports in Jasper have to look exactly like the old ones, which doesn't look the same when using "Stretch with overflow" or "Text split" or "Truncation" options.

If Jasper doesn't currently allowed this, then a solution has to be developed because this is surely a common requirement.

Many thx




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I don't have an answer, but I have been hoping for this feature for a LONG time now.   They already have the ability to calculate font dimensions at runtime and stretch/expand a text field to hold it, but it would be GREAT to have the reverse where it scales the font size to fit in the fixed dimensions of the text field.

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