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Jsonql without fields ? using query directly in reports


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I wonder how i can achieve this : 

- use of a remote JSON file (WS call)

- no fields configuration since i do not want to loop over them in my report

- search and access json nested objects with jsonql to fill dedicated report area but directly in the report


in my report i should show

- the parcel ID => as text

- the value of the "value" field fo the rule object found after filtering on "key" == "mindist" => as text

- populate a table wilth th adresses list


here is a sample of my json, always one signe "main" root : 

{    "main": {        "parcel": {            "id": "10AB01"        },        "rules": [            {                "key": "maxheight",                "value": "20m"            },            {                "key": "mindist",                "value": "2m"            }        ],        "addresses": [            {                "address": "1 King Road",                "key": "park",                "value": "no"            },            {                "address": "2 queen alley",                "key": "park",                "value": "yes"            }        ]    }}[/code]






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