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When scheduling a report to run I select the format HTML and save the report to a local folder on the report server PC.  However when the report runs, it saves it as .ZIP.  I can save it as PDF, or any other format just fine ..... but when I save it as HTML, I always get a .zip.  HELLLLLLLLP!!

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I have found that the length of the report output will either cause it to be saved as html or zip. Even though I select html to be the output format, IF the report has a large data return from sql, the report gets saved as a zip. BUT if the report has a small amount of data, then it will be saved as html file.  WEIRD!!!  Almost as if a config setting somewhere that says if the report turns out to be over a certain file size, save as a zip instead of the selected html format in report server.  Has anyone encountered this before??

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