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We have version Jasper jar 6.0.4 in out application. We currently have 3 reports that are required, by law, to be PDF/A compliant. So we use iText 5 to do that, however, we would like to be able to have Jasper Reports generate the report from out code directly as PDF/A and not just PDF. However it appears that Jasper doesn't have that funcationality? Or at least I have found nothing in the internet that shows how to do that? There are maybe 2 or 3 total posts out there that state they are showing how to generate PDF/A but it must be for older versions, because it is so wrong and doesn't ever work, instead wastes weeks and months of my time already trying everything in those blog posts. I have had so many issues that I couldn't even tell you an exception I am getting. I did get the whole errors that every one else posts on Stack Overflow and here, but NONE of them ever get an answer. 

I also know that Jasper Reports is still on a decade old version of iText with 2.1.7. WTF, we need a report writer that can create PDFs, this is a huge blocker and could literally put us out of business because Jasper Reports can't generate a PDF/A compliant PDF. 



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