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Concatenate address lines into a single text field.


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We are in the process of converting from crystal reports to jasper. We have a report with address info and other fields on it. There is code that evaluates each address line and checks for not null and then adds it to a formula field with line feed.  Since I am new with Jasper I am having a hard time converting this into jasper expression code. Can someone help us with this. I am trying to create a variable field with expression logic. Here is the Crystal code. 

Local StringVar outString;
outString := {r_ald_header;1.dfi_name} + chr(13) + chr(10);

if (not isNull({r_ald_header;1.address_line_1})) and ({r_ald_header;1.address_line_1} <> "") then
     outString := outString + {r_ald_header;1.address_line_1} + chr(13) + chr(10);

if (not isNull({r_ald_header;1.address_line_2})) and ({r_ald_header;1.address_line_2} <> "") then
     outString := outString + {r_ald_header;1.address_line_2} + chr(13) + chr(10);

if (not isNull({r_ald_header;1.dfi_city})) and ({r_ald_header;1.dfi_city} <> "") then
     outString := outString + {r_ald_header;1.dfi_city} + ",";

if (not isNull({r_ald_header;1.dfi_state})) and ({r_ald_header;1.dfi_state} <> "") then
     outString := outString + " " + {r_ald_header;1.dfi_state};

if (not isNull({r_ald_header;1.dfi_zip})) and ({r_ald_header;1.dfi_zip} <> "") then
     outString := outString + " " + {r_ald_header;1.dfi_zip};


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JRXML reports use Java expressions by default, they aren't  using something proprietary.   And at the report element level you can also define them to use groovy instead of even javascript.   So I recommend you grab a java developer or groovy developer and have them provide you syntax.

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After digging thru posts in the community I was able to figure out the syntax. This was my solution. thanks for you comment:

($F{dfi_name}!=null?$F{dfi_name}+ "r"+"n": "")+
($F{address_line_1}!=null?$F{address_line_1} + "r"+"n": "")+
($F{address_line_2}!=null?$F{address_line_2}+ "r"+"n":"")+
($F{dfi_city}!=null?$F{dfi_city}+ ", ":"")+
($F{dfi_state}!=null?$F{dfi_state}+ " ":"")+

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