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timeseries chart changing the timeperiod


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Hello all,

I have a query returning : number of products[number], day [date]

When printing it on a time series chart using a timeperiod of day, the results are printend as expected.

When chaging the timeperiod to month, I would expect that jasperreports would print the totals per month(do the sum of number of products for +/-30 days), but now I see a wrong result .

My query : 

select count(tbl.userid),to_date(to_char(tbl.day,'YYYYMMDD'),'YYYYMMDD') as dag from (select min(starttime) as day, userid from job group by userid) tblgroup by  dagorder by dag asc[/code]
            <timeSeriesChart>                <chart evaluationTime="Report">                    <reportElement x="7" y="31" width="540" height="200"/>                    <chartTitle/>                    <chartSubtitle/>                    <chartLegend/>                </chart>                <timeSeriesDataset>                    <timeSeries>                        <seriesExpression><![CDATA["SERIES 1"]]></seriesExpression>                        <timePeriodExpression><![CDATA[$F{dag}]]></timePeriodExpression>                        <valueExpression><![CDATA[$F{count}]]></valueExpression>                        <labelExpression><![CDATA["label"]]></labelExpression>                    </timeSeries>                </timeSeriesDataset>                <timeSeriesPlot>                    <plot/>                    <timeAxisFormat>                        <axisFormat labelColor="#000000" tickLabelColor="#000000" axisLineColor="#000000"/>                    </timeAxisFormat>                    <valueAxisFormat>                        <axisFormat labelColor="#000000" tickLabelColor="#000000" axisLineColor="#000000"/>                    </valueAxisFormat>                </timeSeriesPlot>            </timeSeriesChart>[/code]


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