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How to use Jasper Report?

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By: bryan523 - bryan523

How to use Jasper Report?

2005-10-04 19:36

Hi all,

i am very new in Jasper Report, can someone tell me how to use it? wat requirement in order to run the JR? i wan to link it to database so hw to preview it? got any example of tutorial?

Please help me thanks!





By: David Heffelfinger - heffel

RE: How to use Jasper Report?

2005-10-05 04:54

I wrote a "getting started" tutorial a while back. It won't make you an expert but it will help you "get your feet wet".


It can be found at: http://ensode.net/jasperreports_intro.html


A couple more JasperReports articles I wrote:






And last (but not least), there is a tutorial at the JasperReports home page:




Hope that helps,






By: bryan523 - bryan523

RE: How to use Jasper Report?

2005-10-05 21:54

Thanks heffel!

your article is really useful for me!


Just wanna ask you one more question:

did Jasper report manage to view dynamic data from the always changing database by chart?

Or iReport is better? Thanks!







By: David Heffelfinger - heffel

RE: How to use Jasper Report?

2005-10-06 05:13

I'm not sure I understand your question. If you mean if JasperReports can update reports "on the fly" if data changes in the database then the answer is no. A report will only display the data as it was at the time the report was created.


Regarding iReport, it is a GUI report designer for JasperReports. It can help you create JRXML files, but it won't add capabilities to JasperReports.







By: bryan523 - bryan523

RE: How to use Jasper Report?

2005-10-09 20:41

yup, i mean on the fly! thanks to answer my question! then u mean iReport also cannot update report on the fly? i got read an article 'tutorial on JasperReport,iReport and JFreeChat', "http://members.lycos.co.uk/oderin/tutorials/JavaReporting/JavaReportingTutorial.htm", then do u knw ist JfreeChat manage to view on the fly database?

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