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How to Freeze the Report screen until export is completed?


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Hi All,

I am facing one issue. When i am exporting a huge report to any format(ex: PDF), until the export is loaded completely, i am unable to retrieve the next page/ previous page which is fine. But in this mean time i want to restrict the user from performing any operation on report viewer screen until the export is completely loaded. How can i achieve this?


Thanks in Advance.

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this functionality isn't available out of the box, and I don't think this is a customization that can be done with some simple xml configuration etc, What I would do is find the script that pops up right after a report starts executing, the "Please wait - loading" animation, and augment that code to stay up until the report completes execution. There has to be an event listener with this functionality already in place, because there is an additional animation "Cancel Loading Data"" that appears above the report when you can start browsing available pages before execution has completed, that dissappears once all pages are available. So everything you need is already in place, just have to find that code. You have the lock screen "Please wait-loading" animation that blocks any user input and greys out the screen, then the even listener tied to the "Cancel Loading Data" animation that waits for execution to complete and udpates the screen (the "Cancel Loading Data" option dissappears). It's just a matter of finding that code and augmenting it to meet your specific needs. Not saying it will be easy, just that the pieces are already there.

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  786  button.save=Save
  787  button.change=Change
  788: button.cancel.loading=Cancel Loading Data
  789  button.cancel=Cancel
  790  button.select=Select

   94                  <li class="leaf">
   95                    <button id="asyncCancel" class="button capsule text up">
   96:                     <span class="wrap">Cancel Loading Data<span class="icon"></span></span>
   97                    </button>
   98                  </li>


(JRS.vars.ajax_in_progress)alert("please wait")

is scattered throughout the javascript, 182 references in various files. This is gonna be a challenge

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