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How to manage timezone in jrxml?


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I have a field which needs to be  printed with the current time as Hours: Minutes

for example:

Current time is Thu Jul 27 15:58:30 IST 2017
I have to print 15:58

I have tried as 


It is printing what I need . But the problem is with timezone. 
MySystem timezone is in UTC.
I need to change it to CET/CEST. (Please don't suggest to change it system side. I strictly need to do it from Jasper )

How I can do that?
Can anyone please help me to understand how to implement this?

Thanks in advance.



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Joda Time is the easiest way to do time zone manipulations on date time fields in Jasper Reports (at least until Java 8 is fully supported).

joda time download link:


For jasper-server, add the joda time jar file into:


You'll notice other jar files there as well. WIll require a server restart to take effect.


If you're just using IReport/Jasper Studio, you'll need to add the jar to the class path, something along the lines of

Tools-->Option-->Classpath-->Add JAR



The code reference will be something like; see the ref to the example field below? You'll probably be able to make a go of it after this example:

<textFieldExpression><![CDATA[new org.joda.time.DateTime($F{YOUR_DATE_FIELD}).withZone(org.joda.time.DateTimeZone.forID("UTC"))]]></textFieldExpression>


It may be easier to add this in through the expression editor in IReport/Jasper Studio.


let me know if you run into any issues


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