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imageExpression and image path - Images not displayed


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I am trying to display images in a report. To that end I have an imageExpression.


I even included a border to see if it would show up in case there was a problem displaying the image but no luck on that either.

I have tried setting $F{picture1} field to:

  • \
  • //

but with no luck in either case.  The image is stored on a share on a remote computer.  I can navigate to the image using Windows Explorer so I know the image is there.  I can click on the image and display it.

I can past the top path into windows explorer and it displays the image.

Any ideas?



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The issue is I want to pass in the location of the picture.  I do not always wany to have the same picture.  I have a detail line with two picture positions on it.  I have a cursor with basically two fields(picture1 and picture2).  If I have 4 pictures I would have two rows and so on.


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