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Setting subreport path to another jrxml located elsewhere on the Jasper repository

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I'm trying to create a report that includes a subreport that is located elsewhere in the Jasper repository (and not under the main report's Resources folder).  The file I want to use for the subreport is a jrxml resource located at /public/DEV/test/test_subreport.jrxml.  In the main report, which is located at /public/DEV/test, I have a subreport element.  I have set the subreport expression to "repo:/public/DEV/test/test_subreport.jrxml".  When I try to run the main report, I get no errors and only a blank page.  I'm pretty sure that the main report is able to find the test_subreport.jrxml file because when I change the subreport expression to something else (for ex. adding an extra character to the path), it errors as expected "Error opening input stream from URL: repo:/public/DEV/test/test_subreportX.jrxml".

Both the main report and subreport have appropriate dummy queries in them so that is not the issue. 

Any help would be appreciated!  I'm using iReport 5.2.

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I figured out the problem.  After reading http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/jasperreports-server-administration-guide/v550/jasperreport-structure and knowing that what I am trying to do is definitely possible, I looked closer into my main report, and saw that for the subreport element I needed to pass a data connection along to the subreport.  I set Connection Type to "Use a connection expression" and se tthe connection expression to $P{REPORT_CONNECTION}.

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