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dynamic Detail band height

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By: rocha_84 - rocha_84

dynamic Detail band height

2005-09-23 06:13

Greetings, I have one Jasper question...


Is it possible to change height of detail band dynamically, meaning that height will be determined by Field( $F{} ) I supply with the DataSource, and all detail bands could be of different height...


Thanks in advance







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: dynamic Detail band height

2005-09-23 06:46




There is nothing special to do in order to achieve this.

If your text fields have isStretchWithOverflow="true",

the band will adapt automatically to their dynaimc height.


See the "stretch" sample provided.


I hope this helps.







By: rocha_84 - rocha_84

RE: dynamic Detail band height

2005-09-24 14:02

Thank you Teodor for such a quick answer.


Your solution solved my problem. It's funny how sometimes solution is in front of us and we can not see it.


I just have to say that JasperReports is the best open source tool that I had pleasure to work with and that your book was worth every dollar.

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