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No group named MYGROUP_NAME found in subdataset Table1_DataSet error


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I have a table that is displaying basic data on meds (Name, Dosage, Doctors Instructions).  Each row of meds can be in my data source more than once (e.g. if the doctor adds another note).  So I am trying to group by Med Name, Med Dosage within my Table.  It currently will show the data just fine, just will have repeated rows if more than 1 note is added to a med.


Aspirin | 2 tablets daily    | Take with water

Aspirin | 2 tablets daily    | Also take after a meal.

Tylenol | 15mL every 4 hrs | For infants only


My goal (since this table doesn't care about doctors instructions) is this:

Aspirin | 2 tablets daily   

Tylenol | 15mL every 4 hrs 


So I click on my table data set, select Groups sub menu, right-click and Create Group, calling it MedsOnlyGroup.  In the dialog I enter a name and then an expression of "$F{MedName}+$F{Dosage}".  I then attempt to preview my report and I get an error: 

No group named MedsOnlyGroup" found in subdataset MedsTable_DataSet.  (note only 1 quote in error message.  Suspect this is just a typo though)

Reset group "MedsOnlyGroup" not found for variable: Group1_COUNT

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?





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