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using ternary operator for two fields


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I'm trying to get two date ranges to show up with the word "AND" in the middle of it if both fields are not null. I can't have the end date showing up with the "and" if the beginning date is null. I've tried a few things.

Here's one:
($P{p_trip_entry_begin} != null) ? $P{p_trip_entry_begin} : ($P{p_trip_entry_end} != null) ? ($P{p_trip_entry_begin} != null + " AND " + $P{p_trip_entry_end} != null) : ""

Another one I tried was doing a print when express on the text field of " AND " when the end date is not null, but i'm not sure if there is a way to tell it to print the AND if BOTH are not null.. is there a way?

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