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how to use substring in NOTIN/IN Clause


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I have a below query, but i am getting error as "Parameter 1 does not exist" When using substring inside IN Clause.

select t1.grn,t1.i_rep_no,t1.po_no,t1.inv_no,t1.cdate,t1.supplier,
from qc_master t1
join qc_item_list t2 on t1.i_rep_no = t2.i_rep_no
join qc_insp t3 on t2.i_rep_no = t3.i_rep_no
and t1.grn not in ('test')
and $X{IN, substr(t1.i_rep_no,1,1), type}
and cdate between $P{fromdt} and $P{todt}
and t2.rejected_qty not in ('dummy')
order by t1.i_rep_no,t2.slno
where type will be list of string, which will be given during run time .java.util.Collection
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You cannot use an SQL function inside a JasperReports $X clause function as per: http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/sample.reference/query/index.html#clause_functions

Instead, you could have something like this in your SQL:

and substr(t1.i_rep_no,1,1) IN ($P!{type})

with parameter type as a java.lang.String with comma separated values, or as anything that resolves to that.

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