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stretch one field without stretching the band

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By: pohart - pohart

stretch one field without stretching the band

2005-09-19 13:24

I want ont field to stretch while leaving the others unless a group change occurs


this is what I have now


1field1 1field2 1field3



2field2 2field3


but if 1field1 and 1field2 have not changed I want

1field1 1field2 1field3

1field2 2field3

1field2 3field3


I understant how to have a textfield only print if it hasn't changed, but I also need to print one textfield accross multiple lines and, if that field doesn't change for several records it shouldn't push other rows down





By: pohart - pohart

RE: stretch one field without stretching the

2005-09-21 06:14

my formatting got messed up so another way of saying this:

I have a field that is associated with the group, and that field takes up multiple lines, but I want the other fields to fill in so that two or three detail bands can be printed in the same horizontal space that my one group field is printed

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