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I am a newbie want to count the column and print the sum of columns below it in iReport[jrxml]


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Current Output:

User,msg no,commentsabc,101,xyzabc,102,xxxbac,105,xlx[/code]

Expected Output :

User,msg no,commentsabc,101,xyzabc,102,xxxabc=2bac,105,xlxbac=1[/code]

Please help me to count the number of columns and display the sum as mentioned in the expected output


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Create group by band with User . 

Group by band will have header and footer section. 

In group footer, drag teh "user" field and drage "user" or "msg" field. When dragging "msg" field the studio engine auto create a variable and ask you for the type of calculation. In your case take count. 

It should solve your problem. 

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