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Jasper report that connects to multiple database


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I am working on a report system developement that generates reports from multiple database. For example, a report that display employee details where the Employee Name and Employee Id is available in DB1 and the employee department and designation would be in DB2. In need to display all four fields in one report. 

Would it be posible to generate such a report which points to multiple database for the same report? Would also need to know how this can be developed if possible. 

Eagerly awaiting for a reply

Thank You

Rathish MK Raghavan

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It is possible, please view my post here:


I've connected many datasources in the same report, but used a separate subreport for each datasource; combining data from those subreports would require return values to the parent report and manipulation there (or at least that's the approach I would take)


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